Inclusive Bi-directional Referral Network

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CONNECT is a closed-loop referral system, meaning that there is a bi-directional flow of information. The result is a heightened level of communication among service providers, more efficient care coordination, and a measurable impact on health outcomes.

Strategic referral tracking via CONNECT aims to improve the referral process in our communities by establishing accountability and improving processes for the exchange of client information. The ultimate goal is to foster collaborative culture among service providers in Montana.  Learn more about CONNECT on our About page.

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Benefits of CONNECT

+ Connection rate
In Lewis & Clark County, the connection rate of client to service averages around 75%, meaning that on average, 75 out of 100 clients actually start the service they were referred to.

+ Tracking
Standard reports track the number, status and outcomes of referrals sent and received. This information puts accountability front and center, allowing agencies to easily evaluate service delivery. Custom data collection and reporting is also available.

+ Security
CONNECT is a secure, web-based system for sending and receiving referrals. Agencies are brought together under a single information sharing agreement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Release of Information (ROI) that is HIPAA, FERPA, 42CFR and IDEA compliant. Read more about the technical side of things on our FAQ page.

Why Choose Us?

+ We are local
The system started in Helena in 2009 with no incentives outside of client advocacy and desire to increase performance. By the end of 2019, CONNECT will be available in every community across Montana.

+ We are here for you
A CONNECT team member near you is available for tech support, training, community presentations and administrative assistance at no charge. Each region will have at least one local Referral Coordinator as we move statewide.

+ We are comprehensive
Unlike other electronic referral systems, CONNECT is not limited to any specific type of service provider. We aim to offer a diverse array of services in our local and statewide referral networks, providing the widest variety of options for Montanans in need.

CONNECT is appropriate for:

+ Social service agencies
+ School districts
+ Medical providers
+ Mental health providers
+ Faith-based organizations
+ Veteran and military service providers
+ Food banks
+ Housing programs
+ Prevention programs
+ Home visiting programs
+ Case managers
+ Senior services
+ Disability services
+ Youth programs
+ Anyone offering a necessary support service to families, children or adults

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