Inclusive Bi-directional Referral Network

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Strategic referral tracking via CONNECT aims to improve the referral process in our communities by establishing accountability and improving processes for the exchange of client information. The ultimate goal is to foster collaborative culture among service providers in Montana.  Learn more about CONNECT on our About page.

Prior to using CONNECT in Helena, the rate of client connection to services was 13%.  That number has soared to over 75% client connection rate for service providers using the system.

Closing the loop in care coordination  

 “Closing the loop” is a term that describes a well-functioning coordinated care delivery system. It implies that information flows easily during a referral – the referring service provider is able to let the recipient provider know the pertinent information about the client being referred, and the recipient can let the referring provider know the opinions and recommendations that result from the referral.  It’s a two-way “loop.”

Why is care coordination important?

Reduce or eliminate:
-Duplication of service
-Unnecessary referrals
-Failed transitions to/from facilities
Weak hand-offs result in:
-Delays in service
-Lapses in care
-Diminished health outcomes
-Reduced frustration for all parties involved
-Easily tracking client progress is rewarding for staff