Statewide Expansion

CONNECT is coming soon to your community!

Check back shortly for updated information about where CONNECT is going next, when we’re coming to your community, and what you can do to prepare.  Follow our blog for detailed updates as we gain new statewide partners, roll out system enhancements, and move into new regions!

The expansion of the CONNECT Electronic Referral System aims to foster statewide clinical-community linkages and inspire a collaborative culture among service providers in Montana.  By the end of the 2-phase expansion, CONNECT will exist in every part of the state.  A system enhancement will then link each of the 13 regions together to form an interconnected statewide referral network, meaning that you can refer a patient or client to any provider in Montana through CONNECT.

All types of clinicians and other service providers are encouraged to utilize CONNECT to refer patients to community support services, as described in the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative’s definition of medical neighborhood:
The “medical neighborhood” is defined by the PCPCC as a clinical-community partnership that includes the medical and social supports necessary to enhance health, with the PCMH serving as the patient’s primary “hub” and coordinator of health care delivery. The goals of a high-functioning PCMH include collaborating with these various “medical neighbors” to encourage the flow of information across and between clinicians and patients, to include specialists, hospitals, home health, long term care, and other clinical providers. In addition, non-clinical partners like community centers, faith-based organizations, schools, employers, public health agencies, YMCAs, and even Meals on Wheels. Together these organizations can actively promote care coordination, fitness, healthy behaviors, proper nutrition, as well as healthy environments and workplaces. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) articulates that a successful medical neighborhood will “focus on meeting the needs of the individual patient, but also incorporate aspects of population health and overall community health needs.”

Below you can access a PDF with some more information about clinical-community linkages and why an inclusive bi-directional referral system is beneficial for Montanans.
CONNECT Clinical-Community Linkages Presentation

More information will be available soon!