Catch us at the Cover Montana Summit

Megan Grotzke, Referral Coordinator at Lewis & Clark Public Health, will be presenting with Connie Winner, Clinical Services Division Administrator at Montana Department of Corrections, on October 17 from 10:15-11:30 at Fairmont.  The presentation is part of the 2-day Cover Montana Summit: Outreach and E3 – Enrollment, Engagement, & Enabling Services.

The presentation comes on the heels of a decision to pilot CONNECT at the Montana men’s prison.  More information about the pilot will be available in the coming months – stay tuned for updates on our blog.

What is Cover Montana?
A project of the Montana Primary Care Association, Cover Montana is a network of organizations committed to increasing access to affordable insurance. Cover Montana is dedicated to growing and strengthening outreach, enrollment, and patient engagement efforts throughout the state.
Who should attend?
Stakeholders who are interested in connecting Montanans to new affordable health insurance options.
+  Those who want to network with enrollment assisters and stakeholders from across Montana.
+  Those who are interested in skill building that can benefit enrollment assistance and other care coordination roles.

What is the cost to attend?
Free! We work closely with our sponsors to ensure there is no fee to attend the Summit. Attendees are responsible for their own lodging and transportation.

For more information, visit the Cover Montana Summit website.

CONNECT Partner: The REAL Community Project

CONNECT is partnering with Youth Connections on a new Helena-based project designed to give local faith leaders access to our electronic referral system and get more people connected to necessary services.

The REAL Community Project, or simply REAL, (Referrals, Education, Action, Love) is an initiative to engage faith communities in the Helena area to prevent substance abuse and make the Helena area safer and healthier for kids and families. This will be accomplished through referrals for services, an educational conference providing resources to faith leaders, and a volunteer fair to inform the public about opportunities where they can provide service to the community.

Faith leaders are often trusted and respected by those in their community. They tend to be one of the first places people turn in times of need. By equipping these faith leaders with knowledge about the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol in the community and tangible ways to help prevent substance abuse, Helena can become a safer place for everyone.

To learn more about REAL, visit their website or email Rachel Dober at

Statewide Expansion Information

This is just a quick note regarding the statewide expansion of the CONNECT Electronic Referral System.  Things are moving forward and a lot of great conversations are taking place regarding the future of CONNECT in Montana.

Over the next few weeks, our site will be populated with numerous tools and resources to assist individuals and communities as they prepare for local implementation or regional expansion of CONNECT.  Our site now has a new page dedicated to information about the expansion, found here.  Soon it will contain detailed information about the 2-phase expansion timeline, upcoming system enhancements, various outreach and marketing materials, and other items that will support CONNECT administrators and advocates.  Be sure to sign up to follow our blog via email to receive the most up-to-date news, straight to your inbox.

A huge thank you goes out to those who have helped us gather momentum as we approach this massive endeavor!  Your commitment has an impact.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how you can become a part of this statewide referral network, contact Megan Grotzke here.

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