The CONNECT system allowed for our program to reach more families, increase our referral network, and build stronger relationships with our referral partners by all committing to work on this project together.  I highly recommend adoption and use.

Brie Oliver
Executive Director
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, the Montana Coalition

CONNECT is an easy-to-use, efficient, adaptable means of connecting our clients and customers to the resources they are most in need of throughout the community. The CONNECT Referral Coordinator is timely, effective, and helpful. The system has been a great boon to our Housing First efforts in Helena. Thanks, CONNECT!

Trina Filan, Ph.D.
Community Impact Coordinator
United Way of the Lewis & Clark Area

CONNECT will provide just that for our community, connection between the families/students and the Mental Health Services that are available in our community.  With this automation opportunity, connectivity becomes reality and provides accountability/tracking for our members.

Ronda Stevens
Montana SOARS Project Director
Support, Outreach, and Access for the Resiliency of Students
Kalispell School District 5

The CONNECT system is easy to use and requires minimal training. It is well designed and secure. CONNECT is a great way to make multiple referrals quickly and efficiently.

Corbin Bruursema
Assistance Coordinator
Good Samaritan Ministries